Rome 390 Boss 2019 Men's Snowboard Bindings


Rome 390 Boss 2019 Men's Snowboard Bindings

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Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings

If you are looking for a do-it-all binding with a solid load of performance-enhancing features, the 390 Boss is a proven weapon for stepping up to any kind of snowboarding. The Full UnderWrap design with four connection points optimizes edge-to-edge power, while still giving the smooth side-to-side flexibility that snowboarding needs for feeling the terrain and tweaking out a grab. With the comfort of the ConformGrip 2.0 toe strap and the Contour Boss 2.0 ankle strap, the 390 Boss is dialed for pow lines, park lines and clean lines etched in corduroy.

-Full Highback Rotation
-Multiple Strap Positions

-UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop
-V-Rod Baseplate
-390 Asym Highback

-Contour Boss 2.0 Ankle Strap
-ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap
-EVA SubBase Pad

FLEX: 6/10