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Petzl Masselottes Ice Axe Head Weight Set

$35.95 $39.95


Weights for technical mountaineering, ice climbing and dry tooling ice axesThe weights are positioned on each side of the pick. The balance of the ice axe during the strike is...

Petzl Mini Marteau Ultra-light Ice Axe Hammer



With its minimalist design, the MINI MARTEAU protects the head of the ice axe and can be used to hammer pitons back in, without adding weight to the ice axe...

Petzl Nomic Ice Climbing Axe



The NOMIC ice axe sets the standard for ice climbing. Perfectly balanced, equipped with weights, it offers an exceptional swing. The PUR'ICE pick provides efficient placement in any type of...

Petzl Panne Adze



Adze for SUM'TEC, QUARK, NOMIC and ERGOWide adze for easily clearing ice, cutting steps or a platform.

Petzl Pur'Dry Dry Tooling Pick



Designed for NOMIC and ERGONOMIC ice axes, the PUR'DRY pick is exclusively for dry tooling. The thickness of the pick, 4 mm along its entire length, makes it much stronger...

Petzl Pur'Ice Ice Axe Pick



Designed for ice axes with modular heads, the PUR'ICE pick is made especially for ice climbing. It gives excellent penetration in ice and removes very easily. Serrated on the upper...

Petzl Quark Ice Climbing Axe


QUARK is a versatile ice axe designed for technical mountaineering and for ice climbing. Its balance and its ICE pick allow solid placements on any type of ice. The TRIGREST...
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Petzl Ride Ice Axe

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Compact, ultra-light ice axe for ski touring and freeriding. Ultra-light and very compact, the RIDE ice axe gœs everywhere with you for ski touring or glacier travel, without weighing you...

Petzl Spiky Plus Anti Slip Soles


Anti-slip soles, adaptable to all shoe sizes, used for moving over snow and frozen or slippery surfaces.

Petzl Sum'tec Ice Axe


SUM'TEC-Modular ice axe for technical mountaineeringThe SUM'TEC ice axe represents versatility: it adapts easily to any mountaineering activity, from classic to technical. It is completely modular, allowing it to be...

Petzl V-Link Ice Axe Leash



Elasticated loss-prevention webbing for technical ice axesElasticated webbing that can connect two technical ice axes to prevent losing them while climbing. Compact and lightweight, this webbing offers great elasticity and...

Petzl Vasak


For general purpose mountaineering, VASAK crampons are the way to go. Twelve_points insure maximum traction in all conditions, whether you are climbing up steep slopes or ice couloirs. Available in...

Petzl Vasak

From $99.95 - $189.95