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Petzl Duo Led 14 Accu Headlamp

Sold Out

Version of the DUO LED 14 with rechargeable battery:- large capacity rechargeable battery- charges quickly Rugged headlamp:- durable construction- waterproof down to -5 meters Two powerful light sources to choose from depending on the...

Black Diamond Moji Charging Station Lantern


A multi-functional, ultra-bright lantern for basecamps, campgrounds and off-grid situations, the Black Diamond Moji Power Station not only provides 250 lumens of power, but it also charges handheld electronics via...

Princeton Tec Remix Recharge Headlamp

$47.75 $79.95


Starting with the hybrid LED array of the Remix headlamp, the Remix Rechargeable gains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, rear mounted for balance and to provide a platform for flashing...

Princeton Tec EOS Tactical 60 Lumens Headlamp

$28.98 $52.99

The EOS Tactical headlamp is compact, military tough and is housed in a waterproof, ultra light, 3-AAA platform. The easy-to-change lens filter system is designed for specific nighttime activities: red...

Princeton Tec Axis 250 Lumens Headlamp

$27.95 $39.99


The Axis headlamp is designed and built on the premise that the best gear in your bag is the gear that you don’t really think about, yet you come to...

Princeton Tec Apex Pro 350 Lumens Headlamp

$55.89 $94.99

When you need the power, versatility, and ruggedness of our Apex headlamp, but your adventures require a lighter weight, you need the Apex Pro. Over 100 grams lighter than our...
Sold Out

Petzl Strix VL 40 Lumens Headlamp

Sold Out

The STRIX VL headlamp was specifically created to meet the requirements of the military during operations where stealth is key. For each of the numerous ways the headlamp can be...

Petzl Duobelt Led 5 Headlamp

$74.97 $124.95


The DUOBELT LED 5 headlamp has a remote battery pack. This feature reduces the weight carried on the head and improves comfort. The front of the headlamp has two_light sources:_LEDs...

Black Diamond Voyager Lantern


Combining a bright, non-glaring backcountry lantern with a powerful, precise flashlight, the Black Diamond Voyager lantern provides ultra-versatile lighting for post-sunset campsite activities. In lantern mode it produces 140 lumens...

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern 105 Lumens


Black Diamond Orbit 105 Lumens Camp Light Bright and ultra-packable, the Black Diamond Orbit Lantern is a pocket-sized collapsible lantern crossed with a powerful flashlight for versatile, travel-friendly lighting. A...

Petzl Personnel 15L Bag



Welded construction for greater strength Small volume for light weight, easy access and compactness Side handle and top loop for carrying and hauling