Work Ropes/Lanyards/Webbing

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Petzl Connexion Fixe Anchor Strap


Anchor strap with forged steel D-rings on the ends.

Petzl Joko-Y Progression Lanyard


Designed for continuous belay while passing intermediate anchors, the JOKO-Y progression lanyard is installed on the harness with a simple lark's head hitch. The plastic sheaths hold the carabiners in...

Petzl Joko-I Pulley Lanyard


The JOKO-I pulley lanyard is designed to connect TRAC pulleys to the seat harness. It attaches to the harness with a simple lark’s head hitch. The plastic sheath holds the...

Petzl Joko-I Pulley Lanyard

From $22.95 - $28.95

Petzl Spelegyca Lanyard



Asymmetric double lanyard. Lanyard designed to help pass rebelays when caving or canyoning.

Petzl Grillon Lifeline Temporary Horizontal Lifeline

$206.95 $229.95

The GRILLON adjustable lanyard is used to make work positioning systems, to complement a fall-arrest system. Its length can be very easily and precisely adjusted as necessary for comfortable positioning...

Petzl Grillon Replacement Lanyard

$46.95 $64.95

A replacement lanyard for the Petzl GRILLON.

Petzl Porto Webbing Equipment Loop



Attaches easily to the pack's internal loop for organizing gear