Edelrid Ohm Belay Device

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Edelrid Ohm Belay Device

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Edelrid Ohm

Assisted-braking resistor to increase rope friction when there is a large weight difference between belayer and lead climber. In the event of a fall, the OHM increases the amount of rope friction so that a lighter belayer can hold a heavier lead climber without difficulty.

-Belayer requires significantly less hand braking force to arrest a fall
-Lowering a heavier climber is much easier to control
-OHM is attached at the first bolt in the safety chain
-Should a lead climber fall at the first bolt, the OHM significantly reduces the risk of a possible ground fall
-Rope handling when belaying a lead climber not affected (no additional friction when paying out rope)
-Recommended weight difference (lead climber > belayer): 10 - 40 kg
-Minimum weight belayer: 40 kg
-For single ropes from 8.9 - 11.0 mm