Sector 9 Boxer II Slide Gloves


Sector 9 Boxer II Slide Gloves

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When it comes to safety, nothing has you covered like the Sector 9 Boxer II Slide Gloves. These leather gloves come reinforced with carbon fiber on the outer hand and knuckles giving you the confidence you need to fuel your speed. Get maximum protection with these comfortable, breathable gloves. The Sector 9 Boxer II Slide Gloves keep you shredding all day long with safety under control.


50% Leather 10% Polyester/ 10% Neoprene/ 15%Spandex/ 15% Other
Reinforced thumb stitching and palm guards
Delrin Ergo pucks
Carbon fiber knuckle guards
Leather palm and glove underside
3mm vibration foam on palm
Rubber reinforced fingers & thumb
Neoprene wrist guard
Velcro Closure