Zeal Emerson Sunglasses

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Zeal Emerson Sunglasses


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The ideal companion for any transcendental endeavor, the Zeal Optics Emerson Sunglass w/ Z-Resin, E-llume and Proflex are a great looking pair of sunglasses that are packed with performance features that will keep your eyes free of the stress and fatigue associated with harsh ultra violet rays. Made using a unique Proflex material, the frames of the Zeal Optics Emerson Sunglass is strategically injected into each frame to provide a soft and comfortable hold. With incredible performance characteristics, this rubber can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures, ensuring that your sunglasses stay in place no matter what. Made from Z-Resin, a proprietary plant-based material from Switzerland, the Zeal Optics Emerson Sunglasses use the natural oils in the castor bean. In fact, it's a perfect resource because it's an efficient, fast-growing perennial that withstands drought and thrives on marginal lands. Made using E-llume, Zeal Optics Emerson Sunglasses have the world's first lens using a plant-based bonding agent, thus replacing the petroleum-based bonder. With no compromise in the optical clarity or impact resistance, this lens is proof that environmental initiatives are not a deterrent to an incredible optical experience. E-llume lenses don't skimp on protection or prevention; you can rest assured that you will still be protected from UVA, B, and C as well as HEV light. For an amazing looking way to be sure you have a long lasting and reliable pair of sunglasses that you'll look forward to wearing over and over again, choose the Zeal Optics Emerson Sunglass w/ UV Protection.