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Mr. Petzl: Craving Maniac Extraordinaire

November 24, 2014

      Mr. Fernand Petzl: Craving Maniac Extraordinaire. WAIT! I meant "Caving Mechanic Extraordinaire". My bad. At age 17, mechanic Fernand Petzl discovered the budding sport of caving. In the years following, he revolutionized it, setting world records for underground exploration, and introducing the world to nylon rope exploration. This innovative technique, along with his inventions of the ascender and headlamp set the tone: Petzl is all about exploring the previously inaccessible.  These are my personal favorites, because I look so dang good wearing them, but come see all our Petzl products on sale! Petzl Alveo Best Helmet: Repping 6 of my own concussions, I can testify that repping 6 of my own concussions, I can testify that repping 6... Continue Reading →

So Much Osprey, So Little Time

November 18, 2014

What do you get when a man whose name you can't pronounce (Mike Pfotenhauer) names his small company after an endangered bird? You get a fully recovered species, and a flourishing backpack company. In fact, the World Wildlife Fund is currently launching two new backpack companies, "Hawksbill Turtle" and "White Rhino" in an effort to replicate the former effect. (That's not true, but you can support these beautiful species for real by clicking here.)          "At that time this beautiful bird was an endangered species and I thought, if that bird can survive the next few tough years, so can this new company!" -Mike on the origins of Osprey. Osprey packs are known for their pizzazz (we just like... Continue Reading →

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