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Resurrected Dark Diamond! No, Black Rock. Eh, I don't remember.

December 17, 2014

Ah, Black Diamond, that's it! And not the kind you snowboard down (I say "you", because I do more of a continual-unintentional-frontflip down those). We're talking Black Diamond as started by Yvon Chouinard in his back yard with an anvil and hammer. You know, the one that went bankrupt, and later rose from the proverbial ashes as the climbing Titan we all know. (Usually the whole rising-from-the-dead thing creeps me out, but I can dig it when it comes to these guys.) Speaking of things coming back to life, we got such a great response from our Petzl sale that we put it on life support! Come get first pick on the best from both these climbing Kings! Wish I owned a phoenix, Smed The Adventure Evangelist Got Your Gear Like us! select... Continue Reading →

Pending: Petzl Promotion Peroration

December 08, 2014

How's THAT for alliteration! (Ok, we admit it, we probably used peroration wrong, and no, we hadn't ever heard the word before google told us it was synonymous with conclusion.)  Don't employ locution or syntax you don't fully exponent, Smed The Adventure Evangelist Got Your Gear Like us! select "Get Notifications" cause we don't post all that often... so you want to know when we do. Probably.  Follow us. Reply to this email with your adventure photos for a shout-out. Then take part in our giveaways! Because we help you adventure at prices above zero, but below everybody else.  Copyright © 2014 Got Your Gear, All rights reserved. unsubscribe from this list    update subscription preferences   Continue Reading →