GYG Rewards

Introducing GotYourGear Rewards! Now, when you create an account, you will earn GYG Galactic Credits for purchases! Redeem credits for $5, $10, and $25 off! You can even redeem credits for a free pair of sunglasses. :) How awesome is that!? Stay tuned for even more awesome prizes in the future!


Creating an account earns you 200 credits. Just one simple step earns you a lot! After creating your account, credits are earned when you make purchases. Every dollar spent equals 5 credits earned!

After earning credits, use them to get these rewards:

500 credits = $5 off

950 credits = $10 off

2,400 credits = $25 off

and for a limited time, 1,000 credits = free pair of Carve Modulator sunglasses! (Must add the Carve Modulator sunglasses to your cart in order for code to work at checkout.)


Click here to create an account and begin earning GYG Galactic Credits!


Login whenever you purchase to be able to receive Credits!