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Vonzipper Berzerker Sunglasses

$52.95 $110.00

Story: Conceived on the funny farm, raised in the mad house and let loose from the looney bin.. This madman is an on face nut job! Fly over the cuckoo’s...

Vonzipper Booker Sunglasses

$29.00 $100.00

Vonzipper Booker Sunglasses You gotta walk that walk and talk that talk. And you gotta say what you mean and mean what you say\xC4 Write your own story and let...

Vonzipper Donmega Sunglasses

$48.00 $100.00

Story: An honorific of utmost proportions, the Donmega doesn’t play second to nobody or nothin’. Specs: VonZipper Donmega sunglasses are handmade in Italy; the frame is crafted from nylon grilamid...

Vonzipper Farva Sunglasses

$60.95 $120.00

Vonzipper Farva Sunglasses

Vonzipper Howl Sunglasses

$46.95 $100.00

Black Satin/Grey

Story: Get on the road without care or destination. The Howl is poetry for remarkable lamblike youths and the best minds of your generation. Specs: VonZipper Howl sunglasses are handmade...

Vonzipper League Sunglasses


Charcoal/Grey Polarized

Story: An alliance forged of metal and wire. The League is a confederation of optical originality associated with contemporaneous class. Specs: VonZipper League sunglasses are handmade in Italy; the frame...

Vonzipper Lomax Sunglasses

$32.50 $99.95

Mount a bass drum to your back and strap cymbals to your knees! With your guitar in one hand and a harmonica in your mouth accompany yourself in the Lomax...

Vonzipper Plimpton Sunglasses

$55.95 $110.00

The Vonzipper Plimpton Sunglasses Story: A Blue Star Cadet turned esteemed member of the scientific community. The Plimpton explores interests as diverse as oceanography, aviation and the wish to breathe...

Vonzipper Poly Women's Sunglasses

$59.95 $130.00

Story: Deliberately underachieving, Poly is an enduring artifact that urges individual expression with attitude and energy. Be a germ free adolescent and come out free of cliché. Specs: VonZipper Poly...

Vonzipper Queenie Women's Sunglasses

$30.25 $104.95

Vonzipper Queenie Sunglasses Open-minded and out going, thoughtful and insightful, this royal lady is the life of the garden party. Toss your tiara by the wayside and rule in the...

Vonzipper Speedtuck Sunglasses

$55.95 $99.95

Vonzipper SpeedtuckLife lesson #39: minimize air resistance/ improve your aerodynamics: Do you wanna go fast like there ain't no tomorrow fast? 1. Move your weight forward and make yourself as...

Vonzipper Wooster Sunglasses

$59.95 $130.00

Story: Rich but not idle. Wooster speaks to old world socialites and members of the intelligentsia. Part of the Freethinkers Conspiricy Guild (F.C.G.). collection. Specs: VonZipper F.C.G. Wooster sunglasses are...