Climbing Ice

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Black Diamond Cobra Ice Axe


Features of Black Diamond Cobra Ice Axe: -Lightweight carbon fiber shaft with greatest clearance of any Black Diamond tool-Balanced with weight in head for damp, accurate strikes-Laser Pick, Cobra Strike...

Black Diamond Fuel Ice Tool


A high-performance, all-around cragging tool that’s equally at home on steep ice and overhanging rock, the Fuel is the ultimate tool for the modern ice and rock climber.

Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screw


TURBO ICE SCREWSimple, lightweight and efficient, the Turbo Ice Screw features Black Diamond's precision tooth geometry with a hanger that functions as a handle for placements and a low-profile design...

Black Diamond Viper Ice Axe


Black Diamond's Viper Ice Tool is an all-around axe for any terrain from nearby crags to faraway alpine climbs. Updates for this season include a superlight, hydroformed shaft that extends...

Petzl Alpix Ice Pick for Sum'Tec



Spare pick for SUM’TEC Its curved shape and tapered end provide precise, solid placements. Its curved shape facilitates removal.

Petzl Antisnow


ANTISNOW features an original construction. Made of durable, bi-material, dual-density polymer, this is a flexible, high-performance anti-bott system that limits snow buildup of any type under the crampons.

Petzl Antisnow

From $29.95 - $53.95

Petzl Clipper Adjustable Ice Axe Leash



Quick attach leash for ice climbingThis comfortable leash with foam padding easily detaches from the axe for times when you need to have your hands free to place screws... The...

Petzl Crab 6 Instep Crampon



Petzl Crab 66 point crampons-For moving on talus and snow- or ice-covered slopes-Double lateral adjustment adapts to all shoe sizes-Secure strap fastening system

Petzl D-LYNX Crampons



Screwing the mono-point D-LYNX crampons directly onto shoes reduces weight considerably and improves rigidity. The shape and angle of the points are designed for expert use in dry tooling, mixed...

Petzl Dart Crampon



Ultra-light mono-point crampons for ice climbing and dry tooling, with LEVERLOCK FIL bindings. The mono-point allows for efficient and precise kicks and bite, as well as precise placements on micro-edges....

Petzl Dartwin Leverlock Fil Crampons



Dual-point crampon for ice climbing, with LEVERLOCK FIL bindings. The two front points are thin to ensure good ice penetration, and offer great stability when loaded.

Petzl Dry Ice Axe Pick



Dry tooling pick for SUM'TEC, QUARK, NOMIC and ERGOThe DRY pick (4 mm thick) is specifically designed for dry tooling and extreme ice climbing. Tapered at the tip (3 mm),...

Petzl Ergonomic Ice Axe



-High-end dry tooling and ice climbing axe-The ultimate tool for the most difficult dry tooling pitches and the most unlikely ice columns-The ultra-curved shaft offers exceptional clearance under the head...

Petzl Griprest Ergonomic Handrest for Ergonomic Ice Axe



The GRIPREST ERGONOMIC handrest is designed for ERGONOMIC and NOMIC ice axes. Mounted on the handle and over-molded with a bi-material coating, it offers more efficient and comfortable support for...

Petzl Gully Ice Axe


PETZL GULLY ICE AXEUltra-light ice axe for technical mountaineering and steep skiingUltra-light at only 280 g, the GULLY ice axe is designed for technical mountaineering and steep skiing. Its tapered...

Petzl Hammer for Quark



Hammer for Quark or Ergo Ice Axe.

Petzl Irvis Hybrid Crampons



Hybrid crampons, with steel front piece and aluminum heel piece, for approaches and glacier skiing, with LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL binding. Designed for approaches and glacier skiing, the IRVIS HYBRID crampons have...

Petzl Laser Ice Screw


Petzl Laser Ice Screw Starting the LASER ice screw is facilitated by the optimized drill shape. Strength and durability are improved due to the steel tube and specific threading. Screwing...

Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw


Petzl Laser SpeedThe LASER SPEED ice screw starts easily due to the optimized drill shape. Strength and durability are improved due to the steel tube and specific threading. The integrated...

Petzl Laser Speed Light Ice Screw


Petzl Laser Speed Light Ice Screw Ultra-light screw with aluminum tube is ideal for mountaineering. Starting is facilitated by the optimized shape of the steel drill. The integrated folding crank...

Petzl Leopard FlexLock Crampons



Very light due to their aluminum construction, LEOPARD FL crampons are designed for snow approaches. The CORD-TEC flexible linking system minimizes bulk for ease of carrying. The FLEX LOCK binding...

Petzl Lynx Crampons



LYNX Modular crampon for ice and mixed climbing; LEVERLOCK universal bindings From snow couloirs to dry tooling, the LYNX is a versatile crampon. Modular front points allow for many options:\xBEdual...

Petzl Marteau Hammer for Ice Axe



Hammer for SUM'TEC, QUARK, NOMIC and ERGOThe trapezoidal shape of this hammer's contact surface is specifically designed for ice climbing axes.

Petzl Masselottes Headweight Set



Petzl Masselottes Ice Axe Headweight Set Weights for technical mountaineering, ice climbing and dry tooling ice axesThe weights are positioned on each side of the pick. The balance of the...