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Black Diamond Stone Gloves


Black Diamond Stone GloveA _-finger leather glove for dexterity-crucial climbing activities such as belaying, aid climbing and jugging. Imported. -Goat leather-Reinforced leather palm and knuckle patches with Kevlar\xC2 stitching-Hook-and-loop cuff...

Black Diamond Transition Gloves

$24.95 $39.95

Black Diamond Transition GloveA full-fingered leather glove with breathable stretch fabric, designed for via ferrata and belaying. Imported. -Goat leather and Tweave stretch fabric-Leather knuckle and palm patches with Kevlar\xC2...

Mad Rock Chalk Pot Chalk Bag


Unlike bags with zippers, the roll top design provides a secure seal and problem free closure when stowing away. Constructed with a combination of our 1680 denier polyester and Mad...

Petzl Bandi Chalk Bag

$17.95 $19.95

Petzl Bandi Classic cylinder shaped chalk bag The BANDI chalkbag's classic round shape with reinforced large opening allows for easy access. The soft fabric won't cause discomfort when wearing a...

Petzl Bandi Chalkbag


FEATURES OF THE PETZL BANDI CHALK BAG-The rigid rim maintains the shape of the bag-The woven fabric used to close the bag does not absorb chalk and keeps it from...

Petzl Cordex Gloves


These lightweight belay/rappel gloves combine the durability of a work glove with the precise fit and dexterity of a fine driving glove. Double-layered leather protects the palm and other high-wear...

Petzl Cordex Plus Gloves


These medium weight belay/rappel gloves offer extra protection without sacrificing dexterity. Double-layer leather and padding protect the palm from heat generated during long rappels or lowers. Fingertips and other high-wear...

Petzl Power Crunch Box Chunky Chalk



Petzl Power Crunch Box The POWER CRUNCH BOX contains chunky chalk for improved grip when climbing. This box is completely sealed and reseals easily to save and store the chalk...

Petzl Saka Chalk Bag

$21.95 $24.95

Petzl SakaChalkbag with ergonomic shapeThe SAKA chalkbag's ergonomic shape allows easy access to the chalk. The soft fabric won't cause discomfort when wearing a pack or when your back is...