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Dragon DS2 Sunglasses

$59.95 $120.00

The DS2 is a combination of vintage-modern frames and a clean shield lens. Italian made and designed to set you apart, these sunglasses have an aggressive look couple with an...

Dragon MountaineerX Men's Sunglasses

$89.95 $220.00

The GLACIA Silo is for those who push their limits split boarding, alpine climbing, backcountry skiing, and hiking. These consumers need a sunglass that will help them be prepared for...

Spy Angler Sunglasses

$49.95 $100.00

Spy Angler SunglassesA true outdoors trophy however you hook it, catch a technical piece that won't ever leave you upstream. -Built from virtually indestructible Grilamid\xAC-Polycarbonate 8x4-based Toric lenses-100% UV protection-Hytrel\xBB...

Smith Hideout Elite Tactical Sunglasses

$47.50 $95.00

The Hideout Elite has a modern profile with a solid stance. This style will perform when needed and will be a favorite to wear on the job or off the...

Dragon Enduro Sunglasses

$74.95 $300.00

The TERRA silo is made for outdoor activities ranging from mountain biking to trail running to enduro riding and everything in between. The EnduroX sunglass is the perfect fit for...

Spy Dirty Mo Men's Sunglasses

$44.95 $109.95

The Spy Dirty Mo Designed to Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s exact specifications, the Dirty Mo is your first place trophy no matter how you finish. Comes with the SPY Happy Lens,...

Vonzipper Booker Sunglasses

$29.00 $100.00

Vonzipper Booker Sunglasses You gotta walk that walk and talk that talk. And you gotta say what you mean and mean what you say\xC4 Write your own story and let...

Suncloud Rowan Sunglasses

$26.95 $49.99

Black/Red Mirror Polarized

The Suncloud Rowan Sunglasses. Designed for small faces. Includes polarized polycarbonate lenses.

Vonzipper Speedtuck Sunglasses

$55.95 $99.95

Vonzipper SpeedtuckLife lesson #39: minimize air resistance/ improve your aerodynamics: Do you wanna go fast like there ain't no tomorrow fast? 1. Move your weight forward and make yourself as...

Spy Rover Sunglasses

$59.95 $110.00

The Spy Rover - Seek your happy place in a frame fit for any adventure.

Spy Rover Sunglasses


Smith Discord Sunglasses

$44.50 $89.00

Beneath the distinctive styling of the Discord lie a number of performance features. This bold, 8-base wrap employs a broad temple design to block out side-glare, while our megol nose...

Electric Swingarm Sunglasses

$22.50 $80.00

Roll with the punches in the new Hardknox, an edgy twist on legendary style. Pristine lines, classic temples and scalloped arms blend together to create a frame that is distinguished...

Dragon Experience 2 Sunglasses

$34.95 $90.00

Following up on the success of the Rob Machado Experience, Dragon took a mellow step down and created the Experience 2. With the same vibe and style as it’s bigger,...

Electric Low Note Sunglasses

$24.95 $140.00

Electric Low Note Sunglasses Electric sunglasses are designed for cool, casual wear all year 'round. For those who want to add an edge to their style, they\xCDre the perfect fit...

Smith Guide's Choice

$119.00 $179.00

The Guide’s Choice has been reimagined to exceed the needs of our most demanding customers. Incorporating our most advanced eyewear technologies, this style boasts wide temples and an aggressive wrap...

Smith Guide's Choice


Peppers Sunset Blvd Sunglasses


Sunset Blvd Medium Frame Fit All models feature polarized lenses

Smith Hudson Elite Tactical Sunglasses

$49.00 $95.00

The Hudson Elite is a classic frame style that works in all types of settings. Designed for function and meant to be worn for any activity the day brings your...

Spy Touring Men's Sunglasses

$59.00 $119.95

Spy Touring Sunglasses Large and in charge, the Touring has gone beyond the brink and back. Custom-built from high quality Propionate 8 X 4 Base Toric ARC lenses 100% UV...

Dragon Double Dos Sunglasses

$40.95 $100.00

Dragon Double Dos Sunglasses A fashionable and functional frame, the Double Dos pulls double duty and provides the benefit of an active sunglass without compromising style. A perfect everyday sunglass...

Dragon Kit Sunglasses

$69.95 $139.95

This is the complete package—premium performance features and modern good looks. The Kit’s full-wrap frame blocks out savage UV rays with our glare-eliminating Performance Polar lenses. Top-of-the-line dual lens coatings...

Peppers Quiet Storm Men's Sunglasses


Peppers Quiet Storm Sunglasses Large Frame Fit TAC-tical POLARIZED LENS Tri-acetate polarized lens features 2 acetate lens with a polyvinyl acetate layer sandwiched in between. 100% UV Protection. Meets or...

Smith Dover Sunglasses

$65.45 $119.00

Designed for the active adventurer, the Dover is an essential piece of gear to pack before embarking on your journey. Superb coverage, clarity beyond compare, and protective lens coatings, virtually...

Dragon Viceroy Sunglasses

$38.95 $110.00

Dragon Viceroy SunglassesWrapped in the idea of everything old is new again, we've developed the Viceroy which embodies the timeless and iconic design of eras past. The Viceroy is inspired...

Dragon Marquis Sunglasses

$39.95 $120.00

Dragon Marquis Sunglasses -Grilamid Frame Material -6 Base Polycarbonate Lens -5 Barrel Stainless Steel Hinge -100% UV Protection

Dragon Mansfield Sunglasses

$49.95 $120.00

Dragon Mansfield Sunglasses Revamping a classic style to create its newest frame, Dragon has released the Mansfield--a new offering for spring 2013 that fuses modern simplicity with a timeless silhouette...

Electric RIP Rock Sunglasses

$26.25 $80.00

Electric RIP Rock SunglassesUnisex Design100% UV Protection98% Blue Light Protection6 Base Melanin Infused Polycarbonate Lens6 Base Mold Injected Grilamid Frame5 Barrel HingeCalifornia Design. Hand Crafted In Italy

Smith PivLock Arena Max Sunglasses

$99.95 $159.00

Designed to address the needs of our pro team athletes, the Pivlock Arena Max provides a larger lens profile for increased coverage and enhanced fit for larger faces. From the...

Smith PivLock Overdrive Sunglasses

$80.60 $209.00

The PivLock™ Overdrive, a complete rethink on what a sunglass can help you accomplish. From world-class competition to casual sport, the patent-pending interchangeable lens system allows you to meet all...

Peppers Breakers Sunglasses


Peppers Breakers Sunglasses

Spy Alpha

$44.97 $119.95

SPY ALPHA: You asked. We delivered.  A good-looking piece that\xCDs virtually indestructible with lenses that are interchangeable, shatter-proof, and fog and glare resistant. -Built from high quality Grilamid -Signature patented...

Spy Alpha


Peppers Trigger Sunglasses


Peppers Trigger Sunglasses Medium Frame Fit TAC-tical POLARIZED LENS Tri-acetate polarized lens features 2 acetate lens with a polyvinyl acetate layer sandwiched in between 100% UV Protection. Meets or exceeds...

Smith Sidney Sunglasses

$44.50 $89.00

The Smith Sidney A distinctly unique interpretation of a timeless women’s shape, the Sidney combines a round lens profile with a vintage cat eye shape and keyway nose detail. The...

Dragon Mr. Blonde Sunglasses

$62.95 $119.95

Dragon Mr. Blonde Sunglasses Now, you don't have to get all crime-spree-y to dig the Dragon Mr. Blonde Sunglasses; in fact, please refrain from ear-cutting, diamond-heisting, and any sort of...

Smith Lowdown Sunglasses

$47.40 $79.00

When you are trying to keep things on the down low, you'll need some Lowdowns. Hide your eyes and embrace the sun in the sky. This bold, youthful shape is...

Smith Lowdown XL Sunglasses

$49.00 $79.00

The oversized eye wire of the Lowdown XL has been carefully considered to balance its scale with pantoscopic angle and rake to ensure a superior fit for a wide range...

Dragon Regal Sunglasses

$57.95 $119.95

Dragon Regal SunglassesWith the Viceroy, we brought you classic lines and styling in a wearable size. But for those of us that want to make a bolder statement _ we...

Dragon Experience Unisex Sunglasses

$40.00 $100.00


Electric Watts Sunglasses

$29.95 $100.00

Electric Watts Movember SunglassesUnisex Design100% UV Protection98% Blue Light Protection6 Base Melanin Infused Polycarbonate Lens6 Base Mold Injected Grilamid Frame5 Barrel HingeCalifornia Design. Hand Crafted In Italy

Smith Serpico Slim Sunglasses


Smith Serpico Slim SunglassesBuilding on the legendary success of our Serpico aviator, we proudly introduced a scaled-down, carbon copy. The Serpico Slim is identical in form and function to the...

Smith Tioga Sunglasses


Smith Tioga Sunglasses The clean corners and traditionally shaped temple of the Tioga is a classic-cool for outdoor lovers, same as it was when originally released in 1993. Created at...

Smith Tioga Sunglasses

From $89.00 - $129.00

Smith Parallel Max Sunglasses

$64.95 $129.00

The Parallel Max employs the same performance-driven frame and fit as the Parallel. The lens profile is enlarged to provide more coverage while still maintaining a minimalist look and feel....

Smith Colette Sunglasses


True to its namesake, the Colette is delicate with a striking edge just beneath. Freshly sculpted with subtle, metal branding accents, this piece is designed to complement a wide range...

Smith Ramona Sunglasses

$49.00 $89.00

Smith Ramona Sunglasses The Ramona is elegance for the active lifestyle. Rolling surfaces and a beautiful, feminine wayfarer shape, the versatility of this piece makes it a true staple in...

Smith Feature Sunglasses

$71.20 $89.00

Smith Feature Sunglasses Soft, rolling surfaces and a rounded edge lens profile bring graceful sophistication to the Feature. Perfect for smaller faces, this style's 6-base Carbonic lenses provide 100% protection...

Smith Prospect Sunglasses

$99.00 $129.00

Built to fit, built to last. On the surface this model appears deceptively simple, striking a unique balance between lens size, temple weight, and precision fit. Rest assured, it's complicated....

Smith Cheetah Sunglasses

$44.00 $80.00

Cats will do as they please. Show off your reverence for retro with this rounded cat-eye silhouette. The Cheetah's youthful energy is elevated by an aura of glamour, making it...

Smith Frontman Sunglasses

$119.00 $129.00

Front and center with bold charisma and distinction. The Frontman has crisp and fresh surfacing details, plus enough head curvature and temple thickness to keep out the sun, stage lighting,...

Smith Outlier Sunglasses


Careful modern refinement and clean lines are complemented by the performance features essential to the Smith brand DNA. A forward, stylish model that combines simple form with sensibly considered technical...

Smith Outlier Sunglasses

From $89.00 - $168.00