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Petzl Aquila Harness


PETZL AQUILA HARNESSHigh-end climbing and mountaineering harness with adjustable leg loopsWith adjustable leg loops, the AQUILA harness is a high-end model ideal for technical and alpine climbing. The FUSEFRAME Technology...

Petzl AVAO Sit Fast Harness


Comfortable seat harness for work positioning and suspension The AVAO SIT FAST work positioning and suspension seat harness is designed for greater comfort in all situations. Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and...

Petzl Aven Caving Harness


AVEN is a comfortable, durable harness designed for caving. The foam-backed waistbelt and wider leg loop straps ensure comfort during long vertical ascents and descents in caving. The TPU-reinforced leg...
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Petzl Fly Harness

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Petzl Fly HarnessUltra-lightweight, modular technical mountaineering/ski harness, dons with feet on the groundDesigned for mountaineers and ski mountaineers, the FLY harness is Petzl’s most lightweight harness, and can be donned...

Petzl Hirundos Harness


HIRUNDOSHigh-end lightweight and comfortable harness designed for performance climbingThe HIRUNDOS harness is a high-end model, ideal for sport and alpine climbing. The FUSEFRAME Technology construction produces a slim, clean, lightweight...

Petzl Lift Spacer For Newton Harness



Petzl Lift Spreader for NEWTON harness allows upright descent (for confined spaces) -Triangular carabiners for easier insertion into harness slots -Rigid structure keeps its shape around the head
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Petzl Luna Women's Harness

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LUNAWomen's climbing and mountaineering harness with adjustable leg loopsThe adjustable leg loops of the LUNA harness make it an ideal piece of equipment for mountaineering and ice climbing. With its...

Petzl Top Croll S Chest Harness



Petzl Top Croll SChest harness for seat harness, with integrated CROLL S ventral rope clampThe TOP CROLL S integrates a CROLL S ventral rope clamp to transform the ASTRO SIT...
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Petzl Tour Harness

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Petzl Tour HarnessDurable, lightweight harness for glacier travel and ski touring, dons with feet on the groundTOUR is a durable harness designed for glacier travel and ski touring. Thanks to...

Petzl Volt Wind International Version Harness


Fall arrest and work positioning harness for the wind power industryThe VOLT WIND fall-arrest and work positioning harness is very easy to don, thanks to the FAST LT PLUS automatic...