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Petzl Corax Harness


The CORAX is the true versatile harness: easy to use and comfortable, it is designed for rock climbing, mountaineering or via ferrata. This adjustable harness is available in two colors...

Petzl Tour Harness


Designed with FRAME Technology construction, the TOUR harness is built for mountaineering and skiing. Its design makes it easy to don, even when wearing skis or crampons. The materials used...

Petzl Aspir Harness

$62.95 $69.95

The ASPIR is a comfortable harness that offers many of the advantages of our high-end harnesses: padded waistbelt and leg loops, a reinforced tie-in point and equipment loops. Its low...

Petzl Aspir Harness


Petzl Altitude Harness


Designed with WIREFRAME Technology construction, the ALTITUDE harness is built for mountaineering and skiing. Ultra-light (150 g), its design makes it easy to don, even when wearing skis or crampons....

Petzl Canyon Harness



Petzl Canyon Canyoning harness with padded waistbelt and protective seat Whitewater cascades, rappelling, swimming, jumping\xC4 this is the domain of the CANYON harness. Rugged, non-absorbent materials ensure lightweight longevity for...

Petzl Superavanti Harness


Petzl SuperavantiBasic lightweight caving harnessThe SUPERAVANTI is a lightweight caving harness designed for a wide range of users. It is entirely adjustable, thanks to its buckles, and its construction is...

Petzl Sitta Harness Harness


WIREFRAME Technology construction:- Spectra strands are used in the waistbelt and leg loops to give optimal load distribution without the use of foam- the extremely thin waistbelt and leg loops...

Petzl Fractio Harness


The FRACTIO is a light, durable caving harness made extremely comfortable with its completely adjustable double waistbelt. Its compact size and its buckles positioned between the legs limit the risk...

Petzl Calidris Harness


The wide waistbelt and leg loops of the CALIDRIS provide all the comfort, support and ventilation needed for long aid routes and other activities requiring extended periods of hanging (cleaning...

Petzl Body Youth Shoulder Straps

$26.95 $29.95


Petzl Body Comfort Shoulder Straps Comfort shoulder straps for children to be used with a MACCHU type seat harness. The BODY is comfortable, easy to put on, and helps prevent...
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Petzl Gym Harness

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One Size
Basic adjustable harness for beginners and group programs. Simplified version of the PANDION without an equipment loop, designed for clubs.

Petzl Gym Harness


Petzl Aquila 2017 Harness

$77.97 $129.95

Petzl Aquila High End Climbing Harness With adjustable leg loops, the AQUILA harness is a high-end model ideal for technical and alpine climbing. The FUSEFRAME Technology construction produces a slim,...